A simple guide to a great website and online presence

An online presence helps your brand’s success.

It is crucial that any business have an online presence to help build a Strong Brand Identity. It is even more important that a business’ online presence generate revenue. Whether this is directly through an e-commerce website or indirectly by customers contacting you online. A lot of business’ have an online presence, but are they providing their users with what they want?

User experience.

Give users what they want, when they want it. If your site has unnecessary content, is difficult to navigate, or contains elements that don’t serve a purpose, it could result in losing customers. Planning the user experience is the foundation to making sure users will become customers.

A few things to consider:

  • White space and larger typefaces make the site easier to read
  • Provide users with the ability to leave a page with ease
  • Avoid adding excessive decorative elements that don’t engage, but distract.

Visual Aesthetic.

Your web design should be representative of your brand’s visual identity. Having a proper site helps build trust for your brand. It shows your audience that your care about your product. Your site’s aesthetic should never compromise the functionality of the site, but should assist in guiding the user to their destination.

Content Generation.

Having a website is a great resource, but good content keeps users interested in the site. Regular content updates to the site will help google know the site is actively in use and will help you rank higher for certain things. Maintaining a blog and posting frequently is an excellent way to rank higher.

Some Things to note:

  • Content must be coherent and related to the services provided
  • Find what people are searching for, how those terms rank, and try to include them in your content.

There you have it. A website is great to have, but it’s something you must nurture and maintain for the longevity of your brand.